List of Application notes for i.MX SoC

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Title Last modification
Encrypted Boot on HABv4 and CAAM Enabled Devices Nov 2018
Migration Guide from i.MX RT1060 to i.MX RT1064 Nov 2018
i.MX 6ULZ Product Usage Lifetime Estimates Nov 2018
HABv4 RVT Guidelines and Recommendations Oct 2018
i.MX6ULZ Power Consumption Application Note Oct 2018
How to Use Flash Remapping Function Sep 2018
464110 Sep 2018
Software ISP Application Note Sep 2018
How to Enable Boot from Octal SPI Flash and SD Card Sep 2018
Enhanced Features in i.MX RT1060 Sep 2018
How to Enable Boot from QSPI Flash Sep 2018
Power Consumption and Measurement of i.MXRT1060 Sep 2018
Using the i.MX RT FlexRAM Aug 2018
How to Reduce SoC Power when Running M4 with A53 on i.MX8M Aug 2018
Software Solutions for Migration Guide from Aarch32 to Aarch64 Aug 2018
Tampering Application for i.MX7Dsabresd Jul 2018
AN12185 Jul 2018
464410 Jul 2018
AN12135 Jul 2018
Implement Low-Power Audio on i.MX8M Jun 2018
i.MXRT1020 Product Lifetime Usage Estimates Jun 2018
Power Consumption and Measurement of i.MX RT1020 Jun 2018
PMSM Field-Oriented Control on MIMXRT1050 EVK May 2018
AN4581 May 2018
Freescale Semiconductor May 2018
Freescale Semiconductor May 2018
Freescale Semiconductor May 2018
Measuring Interrupt Latency Apr 2018
i.MXRT1050 Product Lifetime Usage Estimates Apr 2018
AN12119 Mar 2018
i.MX 8M Dual / 8M QuadLite / 8M Quad Product Lifetime Usage Feb 2018
AN12121 Feb 2018
AN Using the i.MXRT L1 Cache Jan 2018
Developing a Camera Application with i.MX RT Series Dec 2017
Developing a simple UVC device based on i.MX RT1050 Dec 2017
Power consumption measurement of i.MXRT1050 Dec 2017
Freescale Semiconductor Nov 2017
Using Multi-Channel Feature of SAI Nov 2017
How to use iMXRT Low Power feature Nov 2017
i.MX 6ULL Power Consumption Application Note Oct 2017
Building for i.MX Mature Boards Jul 2017
i.MX 6SLL Power Consumption Measurement Jul 2017
i.MX 6SLL Product Lifetime Usage Estimates Jun 2017
i.MX 6SLL Migration Guide Jun 2017
Freescale Semiconductor May 2017
i.MX7 SABRE SD Board\xe2\x80\x94Running the Core at 1.2 GHz Apr 2017
i.MX 6 Temperature Sensor Module Mar 2017
i.MX 6ULL Product Usage Lifetime Estimates Mar 2017
i.MX 6Dual/6Quad and 6DualPlus/6QuadPlus Family Product Lifetime Usage Estimates Dec 2016
i.MX 7DS Power Consumption Measurement Dec 2016
Measuring Current in i.MX Applications Dec 2016
i.MX 6ULL Migration Guide Oct 2016
Freescale Semiconductor Aug 2016
i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite Personality Fuses Application Note Aug 2016
Loading Code on Cortex-M4 from Linux for the i.MX 6SoloX and i.MX 7Dual/7Solo Application Processors Aug 2016
i.MX 6Quad/6Dual Personality Fuses Application Note Aug 2016
MIPI\xe2\x80\x93CSI2 Peripheral on i.MX6 MPUs Jul 2016
AN5161, Powering an i.MX 6SX-based system using the PF3000 PMIC - Application Note Jul 2016
AN5113, Powering an i.MX 6SL based system using the PF3000 PMIC - Application Note Jul 2016
AN5094, PF3000 layout guidelines - Application Note Jul 2016
AN4622, MMPF0100 and MMPF0200 Layout Guidelines - Application Note Jul 2016
i.MX 6UltraLite Power Consumption Measurement May 2016
Interfacing mDDR and DDR2 Memories with the i.MX51 Apr 2016
i.MX 6SoloX Product Lifetime Usage Estimates - Application Notes Feb 2016
ARM DS-5 Development Studio Debug i.MX6UL-EVK Jan 2016
AN4397, Common Hardware Design for i.MX 6Dual/6Quad and i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite Jul 2015
PCI Express\xc2\xae Certification Guide for the i.MX 6SoloX Jul 2015
How to Run the MQX\xe2\x84\xa2 RTOS on Various RAM Memories for i.MX 6SoloX - Application Note May 2015
i.MX 6SoloX Power Consumption Measurement - AN5050 May 2015
Using the i.MX28 Power Management Unit and Battery Charger Apr 2015
Configuring Secure JTAG for the i.MX 6 Series Family of Applications Processors Apr 2015
Fast Image Processing with i.MX 6 Series Mar 2015
i.MX 6 Series DDR Calibration Mar 2015 Mar 2015
AN5072, Introduction to Embedded Graphics with Freescale Devices-Application Notes Feb 2015 Feb 2015 Feb 2015
Doc_Title (same as covered Device #) Feb 2015 Jan 2015
i.MX 6 Audio Clock Configuration Options Application Note Jun 2014
AN4784: PCIe Certification Guide for i.MX 6Dual/6Quad and i.MX 6Solo/6DualLite - Application Note Oct 2013
AN4715, i.MX 6Solo Power Consumption Measurement - Application Note Oct 2013
AN4671, i.MX 6 Series HDMI Test Method for Eye Pattern and Electrical Characteristics - Application Notes Jul 2013
i.MX53 DDR Calibration May 2013
Secure Boot with i.MX28 HAB Version 4 May 2013
AN4604, Interfacing the MC34709 with the i.MX53 Microprocessor - Application Note May 2013
i.MX 6 DualLite Power Consumption Measurement Mar 2013
AN4603, Power Management Design Guidelines for the i.MX50x Family of Microprocessors - Application Note Jan 2013
AN4620, Interfacing the MC34708 with an External Battery Charger - Application Note Dec 2012
i.MX 6 Series Thermal Management Guidelines Dec 2012 Dec 2012 Dec 2012
Interfacing the MC34709 with an External Battery Charger, AN4619 - Application Note Nov 2012
i.MX 6Dual/6Quad Power Consumption Measurement Oct 2012 Oct 2012
Using Open Source Debugging Tools for Linux on i.MX Processors Jul 2012
i.MX28 Ethernet Performance on Linux Jun 2012
Changing the i.MX31 USB PHY May 2012 Feb 2012 Oct 2011
AN4227, MC13892 Charger Operation Aug 2011 Feb 2011 Feb 2011
Modifying Bootloader and Kernel to Support a Different SDRAM on the i.MX51 Using WinCE 6.0\xe2\x84\xa2 Feb 2011
i.MX51 Power-Up Sequence Oct 2010 Sep 2010
Modifying Bootloader and Kernel to Support a Different SDRAM on the i.MX25 using WinCE 6.0\xe2\x84\xa2i.MX25 using WinCE 6.0 Sep 2010
Architectural Differences between the i.MX23, i.MX25, and i.MX28 Sep 2010
System-80 Asynchronous Display on the i.MX31 WINCE 6.0 PDK Aug 2010
Different Display Configurations on the i.MX31 Linux PDK Aug 2010
U-Boot for i.MX25 Based Designs Jul 2010
U-Boot for i.MX35 based Designs Jul 2010
Media Streaming to i.MX31 PDK through Wireless LAN Jul 2010
U-Boot for i.MX51 Based Designs Jul 2010
Hardware Configurations for the i.MX Family USB Modules Jun 2010
Multi-NAND Disks Implementation Guide Jun 2010
BINFS Implementation Guide Jun 2010
i.MX51 WinCE Clock Setting Jun 2010
Program NAND with ROM Programmer Implementation Guide Jun 2010
i.MX51 EVK Supply Current Measurements May 2010
Getting Started with OpenGL ES, PVR Libraries, and Tools for the i.MX31 PDK May 2010
3D Math Overview and 3D Graphics Foundations May 2010
How to Run BSP Unit Test on Windows CE Using i.MX Platforms May 2010
Changing the i.MX25 NAND Flash Model for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 May 2010
i.MX31 PDK Power Measurement with GUI Feb 2010
i.MX233 CPU and HCLK Power Saving Features Jan 2010