Hardware rework on imx6QP Sabre SD RevA1 for Murata WiFi BT module

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This post shows the hardware rework needed to get Murata WiFi/BT module working on early version of i.MX6QP Sabre SD Rev A boards connected on J13.

The i.MX6QP Sabre SD Rev A2 (SCH-28857_A2) does not need hardware rework as the hardware is by default configured to be used with WiFi/BT module”

I.MX6QP Sabre SD Rev A


The i.MX6QP share the same pin for SPI NOR Flash and WiFi/BT control. By default the i.MX6QP Sabre SD Rev A (SCH-28857_A) hardware is configured to use the SPI NOR controller. So we need to rework the board to be able to use the connector J13 to support WiFi/BT Murata signals.

In the board revision A2 (SCH-28857_A2) the hardware is configured by default to support WiFi/BT over J13, so no rework is needed.

If you own a SCH-28857_A board and want to test WiFi/BT Murata modules, you need the Murata Quick Start Guide, section 2.3 Connecting to i.MX 6Q/DL SDB/SDP or i.MX 6 QP SDB, which details the change needed. The link to this file can be found at the end of this post, at External Links section. The same information is also included in the i.MX6QP Schematics, file SPF-28857_A2.pdf, page 15.

Those documents instruct the rework: depopulated the SPI NOR FLASH U14 and populate the resistors R209-R213.

But with a quick review from the same files it’s easy to spot that there is a typo. Resistors R209-R215 are the right set of resistors to be populated.

The rework

Only to make it clear. The needed rework on imx6QP Sabre SD RevA board is:

Depopulated the SPI NOR FLASH (if present) and populate R209, R210, R211, R212, R213, R214, R215.


The picture below shows the final result after the rework:

To help you locate the right pads, see a snapshot of DNP-28857_A.pdf layout file:

The tested module was LBEH5HMZPC-TEMP-DS-SD (Type ZP EVK+). See the connections in the picture below:

The files SPF-28857_A2.pdf and DNP-28857_A.pdf are included in i.MX6QP Schematics.

  1. Murata Quick Start Guide
  2. i.MX6QP Sabre SD Schematics