How to build Yocto SDK and compile for i.MX

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The first step is to create the Yocto SDK. After building an image (e.g. bitbake fsl-image-gui), build the Yocto SDK using the command:

$bitbake <image name\> -c populate_sdk


$bitbake fsl-image-gui -c populate_sdk

Bitbake will build all packages to create the sdk and also the sdk installation script. This script will be located at:


Execute this script Without adding ‘source’ or ‘. ./’ before the script. Just execute like in this example:

$cd tmp/deploy/sdk/

The following message will be displayed asking the installation path to install the SDK. If you agree with the path, just press enter:

Enter target directory for SDK (default: /opt/fsl-imx-fb/4.1.15-2.0.1): 
You are about to install the SDK to "/opt/fsl-imx-fb/4.1.15-2.0.1". Proceed[Y/n]?

Extracting SDK............................done
Setting it up...done
SDK has been successfully set up and is ready to be used.

Now SDK is already installed. Just execute the environment-setup script using ‘source’:

$source /opt/fsl-imx-fb/4.1.15-2.0.1/environment-setup-cortexa9hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi**

All environment variable to build new programs for i.MX will be exported. Just use make to build for ARM.