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Encoding and decoding H.264 without VPU

less than 1 minute read

There are SoCs such as i.MX6UL and i.MX7D that do not have VPU to accelerate video encoding or decoding. However, there are GStreamer plugins capable of enco...

WaRP7 Linux Kernel status including upstream

less than 1 minute read

We have been working to code and upstream as much WaRP7 features as we can. Currently we are working on a 3 different Linux Kernel source code repositories, ...

How to decrease boot time on iMX6

2 minute read

This tutorial shows how to decrease boot time on a NXP i.MX6 Sabre SD using Falcon mode. The Kernel used is the 4.8 linux stable version.

Running Netflix on iMX6 Android Marshmallow

2 minute read

This post explains how to setup Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and install Netflix on i.MX6 boards. It covers all the required steps to prepare a android SD card,...

VPU H.264 transcoding streamer

1 minute read

This article shows how to use the i.MX6DL/Q to transcode and stream videos on 1080i/p @ 24fps and 720p @ 30fps. For this test, we used one i.MX6DL as server ...

Booting i.MX6 under one second

less than 1 minute read

I’m running the NXP i.MX6Q SDB using U-Boot Falcon mode to reduce booting time. I currently managed to boot a complete Linux image up to the login prompt in ...